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GoldStar Lender

A powerful, customized telematics solution for our lender customers for faster, smarter, more profitable loan decisions and the ability to track down vehicles where payment has lapsed.
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Protect Your Portfolio and Reduce Delinquencies

Capture an underserved market – users with riskier credit scores – while protecting your own portfolio from risk with Spireon GoldStar Lender. Our industry-leading solution provides a consolidated view of subprime assets across all dealers you work with, helps track down payments and ensures faster vehicle recoveries if necessary.

Have confidence in a GPS tracking vendor with nearly 4 million connected vehicles.

Expand Your

Tap into the underserved market of subprime borrowers while decreasing your risk.


Utilize recovery tools and payment reminders for absolute peace of mind.

Reduce Recovery
Time and Cost

Locate vehicles on-demand and decrease the chance of extensive reconditioning.

GPS Tracking Pays for Itself

Increase in average total recovery savings

Decrease in average lost revenue

Decrease in recovery time

Powerful Features

Consolidated Portfolio View

Monitor all loans across multiple dealerships with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Reference Genie

Automatically verify loan STIPs and customer references based on location history.

Starter Interrupt

Disable the vehicle remotely as a last resort before recovery becomes necessary.

Location Genie

Analyze stored vehicle location data to predict its most probable current location.

Payment Notifications

Use optional buzzers for in-vehicle payment reminders that keep borrowers on track.

Connecting nearly 4 million vehicles

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